Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Ok, so yesterday I spent quite a bit of time pulling just some of the weeds out of my already hurting grass.  They tell us that weeds pull the nutrients from the grass preventing it from being the best it could be.  And as I pulled these weeds, which were so shallow, I thought "damn isn't this a powerful message!" While they were easy to pull, there were just so many!  I kept pulling and pulling determined to let my grass breathe again and let my grass have its water instead of the weeds.  Then, I came across some that were a little deeper.  Those needed a little more digging into the soil.  But I got 'em!
We can stand to learn from gardeners who know the impact of weeds on their gardens and focus much of their energy on nurturing plants and flowers.  You see, our weeds come in the form of envy, pride, greed, insults, put-downs, etc.  All of which, I think, can be traced to one root--INSECURITY.
 Recently, we saw a man kill eight co-workers after being fired.   He failed to realize that the weeds were being pulled from his yard. There was an opportunity to move forward and flourish.  He was too insecure to simply leave these people behind and move on.  He had something to prove to everyone else and in the end turned the gun on himself.  Insecurity at its absolute worst.
On the opposite end, we heard about a flight attendant who decided to pull the weeds from his yard who is now yielded as a hero to some.  He was so secure with himself, he decided to make a big exit off an airplane, grabbing some beers on the way out.  He had nothing more to lose and saw something positive coming his way.  We have yet to see what will become of him, but my expectations are high, because, well, his seem to be for himself.
Personally, I've had to pick some weeds this year.  Other people's insecurities became my problem. I don't mean lending a listening ear to a friend who needs help.  I'm talking about being accused of something I did not do, being bullied by an insecure, lonely co-worker.  I'm talking about someone who successfully planted a seed of doubt (in the workplace) as to my character.
 I don't by any means think I'm better than anyone.  However, I do know that I am doing my best to live my best life.  I am doing my best to be a good wife, mother, daughter, sister, employee etc.  While I'm aware that I can ALWAYS do better, I have reached a place of satisfaction.  AND THAT is a weed to some people.  A big threat.
So, in my security with myself, I took these challenges as something I needed to learn.  I still have lots to learn and the beauty of it is that I'm OPEN TO IT.  Being secure with myself allows me to value others and their nurturing of my growth and not see their security as a threat.
The grass on your side can be greener, just get rid of those damn weeds!


  1. Wow, wonderful first post! It is so, so true. People sometimes try to plant "weeds" in our gardens, and sometimes they even look pretty, but come to find out, they're purposely placed to strangle what has been placed there by God, nature, etc. The key is to know what belongs and what doesn't.

    I'm looking forward to more from you! Love ya!

  2. I'm impressed you weed. I for one cannot abide it. I definitely have to pluck a few weeds (metaphorically speaking) and seeing this in writing solidifies my resolve. I love a good blog so I look forward to the next one!

  3. Love the post Josie. Saw you had it on Facebook, but didn't get a chance to read it until now. Well said!